TMI Tuesday, but actually on a Wednesday

Corrupting Mrs. Jones ( is a very well-written blog by a nice, bright, and super cool lady. If you’re not reading her and you like sexy non-monogamists, check her out. She turned me on… I could leave it there, full stop, but she turned me onto these TMI Tuesday questions. Naturally, I was terribly busy yesterday so my first one is on Wednesday.

1. My favorite part of my current daily routine is ______ .

My main squeeze and I wake up together every morning. It takes us an hour or so to go from waking up to finally getting out of bed. Sometimes it’s snuggly. Sometimes it’s sexy. But it’s always my favorite time of tht day.

2. _____ toilet paper is okay.

Only the best. Seriously. If there was a cottony but not environmentally damaging nineteen ply, that would be the ticket.

3. _____ is my nervous habit

Rubbing my thumb and forefinger together on my right hand. And all of my mojo is thrown off if my hands are dirty or have something on them and the feel and texture of that motion is thrown off.

But at least now I can eat a handful of M&Ms even if they aren’t the same color.

4. Today I am thankful for ______ .

This fantastic weather. Perfect motorcycling weather.

5. I cannot wait to _______

See the new girl again. This week we’re having our second date, so that’s very exciting.

6. Three things I’m looking forward to this fall are: ______, _____, _____ .

Taking my daughter to the pumpkin farm.
Finishing my second book. I should be about two weeks out from finishing right now.
And, finally, finishing my final read through of my first book and putting it up for release.

7. I want to dress in ______ for ______ .

A tailored three piece suit, for pretty much anything.

8. My best friend is ______ .

My primary girlfriend. But if that’s too expected, my friend The Southerner. We worked together at a couple of different gigs and he’s one of the few people I actively try to keep in touch with. Not many people really get me, but he and I are on the same wavelength. I’m trying to convince him that we should start a podcast together.

Bonus: Would you take advice from a porn star? If yes, what type if advice would you like to hear.

What kind of pornographs are good when I want to see women actually enjoying themselves instead of putting on a show like the WWF or Disney on Ice? I don’t want the special effects. I want to see it for real.

As always you can check out more TMI goodness on the TMI site (

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