I just want it to work!

This is 2012. We are in the future. We have radio controlled cars on Mars. We have video conferencing. We have cars that parallel park themselves. We have arcade games in our pockets. According to the historical documents, we’ll have hoverboards in a couple years. Really, this is a fascinating time, filled with marvels. But for all of this, I just want things to WORK.
The On Demand feature on the cable box isn’t working. We followed the instructions and it doesn’t function.
I had a bitch of a time getting files shared between Linux and Windows. I followed several different sets of instructions before I finally got it to function.
I had two video game consoles crash to death within days of one another.
The almost 2yo got a prescription that wasn’t in stock at the pharmacy but the pharmacy had a worldwide system shutdown for exactly the hour that I needed to be there and try to get it at another pharmacy.
Our two month old foosball table at work is already slightly warped.
A vending machine stole my money and wouldn’t give me my animal crackers.
What is going on here?
I wonder, did the pioneers complain about their rawhide bearings wearing out on their wagon wheels, and the arrows through their hats, and their crappy wi-fi, and lack of food? Did the Vikings complain about foamy lattes and battle axe handles that kept breaking? Has stuff always not worked?
I try not to get frustrated about it. I mean, there isn’t really much that I could do about any of these things (and I did finally get the file sharing to work after the most frustrating 45 minutes I have had all week) but they still irritated me. But, then, this morning, I woke up from a cell phone alarm, used a fully functional toilet, had a nice hot shower, dried off with a correctly working towel, put on nice fresh clean clothes and took my fruit from Brazil out of the perfectly acceptable refrigerator. Then I got in my British car (my thus far totally reliable British car!!) and drove to work in heated-seat turbocharged comfort.
I guess some things work after all. But I still want those damn animal crackers.

One thought on “I just want it to work!

  1. AMAZING! Well said, Sir. We have expectations of our technology… our technology should meet the expectations we set for it! 🙂

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