Out of the Blue – Another breakup

I got dumped this weekend. I’m still not entirely sure why. From our talk, anyway, I gather that it just didn’t feel right to her. That’s enough of a reason. After all, a relationship has to be good for all parties involved to be a good relationship. There were a few points on which we were less than optimally compatible, true, but I still always enjoyed my time with her.

In a lot of ways, she and I are very opposite. I am very logical, rational, straight-lined, left-brained. I need to know the criteria I meant to fulfill. I value consistency. I need to know what is expected of me.

She, on the other hand, is way right-brained. She is fluid and emotional and independent and she makes her own way. She flits about like a beautiful and free-spirited butterfly. She experiences her life in a way that I don’t. I deeply enjoyed, and was equally perplexed by, my window into her mode of being.

There was certainly mutual attraction. I thought we had great chemistry. She was very concerned that we would only make each other miserable, and decided it was best for us to stop seeing each other. Both of our schedules were pretty packed. We are both very, very busy people. It’s a two hour trip to come see her. So it wasn’t all roses and cookies. But when we were together and got to enjoy it other, it was really nice.

As for me, I am sad about it ending. I am happy that we tried to have a romantic relationship. It happens that it just didn’t really work out for us. The worst part was that, to me, it just completely came out of nowhere. It completely stunned me.

Anyway, I don’t regret a moment of it. I really enjoyed becoming friends with another partner of hers, who I might not have had the chance to get to know without her. She offered me a unique perspective on things that I would not be able to come up with on my own. The shock of the sudden turn of events aside, my life benefited from having her in it.

I’m really glad we took a chance. And I think we are both mature enough to realize that if this one aspect of our relationship didn’t work out for the both of us, the other dimensions of our relationship can still survive. I still care a lot about her. I hope we’ll still be friends. I hope so, anyway – we see quite a lot of each other at various events and around the community. I have no hard feelings, but time, as they say, will tell…

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