The Daily Check In

I know that I have some poly insecurities revolving around being out of sight and out of mind. I know I am touchy-feely. I know I am an attention whore and I love being told how awesome I am and how loved I am and how wanted I am. I love hearing these things. I don’t think I am clingy, and I have realized that I don’t really need the Daily Check-In (DCI).

Everyone has a different definition of the DCI. I am very attached to every girlfriend I have. I have pretty high standards for the women I see. If a lady has made it this far, she’s pretty damn awesome. Why would I not want to talk to a lady of that caliber as often as I can? Every conversation doesn’t have to be deep and philosophical, it can be totally light-hearted or even a little bit of nothing at all.

I love a little, “Hi, I don’t really want anything, just thinking of you,” during the day. Or maybe a little, “saw something and thought of you,” text. Anything to let me know that I’m in there somewhere, even though we’re not together.I like to talk to them every day because I like talking to them, not because I need to hear from them. I just like to tell her that I think about her, that I care for her. I like to share what I am doing, because some of them, I only get to see every couple of weeks! Each girlfriend has a truly interesting life and gets up to all sorts of hullabaloo. I happen to enjoy hearing about the hilarious hijinx they get themselves into. I don’t need to know who she was out with, where she went, what she was doing… I don’t need a check-in. I just like to sync up.

It doesn’t take long of not being with someone for me to start to miss her. I admit it – I’m a bit mushy. And to all of you, I miss you, and I’m thinking of you!

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