Weekend Update – Part 2, Saturday and Sunday


After a terrific and fun Friday night, I climbed into bed at home around 5:30 in the morning. My daughter and my wife were sleeping in my bed, so I had to work to make myself a spot, but they were both so super snuggly, it was wonderful. I got to nap throughout the day with Wifey, play dolls with daughter, and then Wifey had a lunch date. She came home, happy and giggly, and then the three of us had a fun and lovely afternoon at home. Well, fun and lovely except for when my asshole pug peed on my Whore Bag and I had to repack in my other bag. Asshole.

Saturday evening was at Lace’s house with her kids and her husband Mr. Lace. I like Mr. Lace. He’s not as full-on poly as Lace or I, but he is still learning. Anyway, I think he’s great. I would go out for a beer with him even if Lace wasn’t around. We made and then consumed a delicious dinner, and then played with the kids and watched TV and read some books for a while, and then played Bumblebee Transformers. They must like Bumblebee an awful lot because there were fourteen of him and no other transformers to be found. So it was full-on Bumblebee vs Bumblebee brawlin’ action! I had a great time, they’re good boys. They went to bed, and then Mr. Lace went to work, and the rest of the night was amazing, sweaty, incredible, passionate, lusty, unforgettable.

Then, back to home! Daughter and wife were, naturally, sleeping when I got home, so I slipped into bed and conked out!


Sunday saw a wonderful morning spent mostly in bed, dozing and snuggled up with my wife, while trying to keep our 5 year old fed and entertained. I love hearing the stories she comes up with when she plays. I wish I had one to repeat, but I was at least half-asleep. I was supposed to pick up Lace again so we could go to suburban dim sum (this distinction is important for Chicago people – we did not go to Chinatown, we had dim sum in the burbs). But I was tired and warm and cuddled up, so everything got pushed back a couple of hours.

We had our delicious Chinese brunch and it was a delight – Schaumburg’s finest!

After brunch came a Very Big Deal for me. My best friend, a male, married, mono fellow car guy I have been the best of friends with for nigh on ten years now invited me for coffee. I am very open about my poly orientation, so he knows about it. We have talked about it at length, but he has never met any of my partners. That was about to change.

He was, I think, rather more nervous about meeting my girlfriend than she was for him. He and I tend to geek out over cars and we are cranky old men and don’t really like strangers, and we can talk for years about absolutely nothing. He and I live nearby and until this February, worked very close, too. Most of the time, it is just him and me having coffee and going on about cars, douchebags, and nonsense. He was trepidatious about an outsider coming in and disrupting the mojo, I think. But it went really well. I was so happy to be able to include Lace in other parts of my life. And just as happy that other friends accepted her. Livin’ the dream.

I dropped Lace off at home and headed downtown for the under-40 mingle. What. A. Blast. Now that I was back in happy, super-social mode, I had a delightful time. I met a lot of very cool new people. I saw incredibly tall shoes that couldn’t be used for stomping on toes. I ogled cute girls and their tattoos. We talked about the poly support group. We talked about Doctor Who. We talked about jealousy and compersion and being busy. I got to retell my fantastic Friday Night story a few times. I ate a calzone bigger than my… well, it was big. Cute cute girl I have a giant crush on gave me her phone number. It was a great, great, great, great time.

After the mingle, a group of us decided to head out to a bar near Second City. I got to spend some time with the boyfriend of a girl I’m dating. He’s a great dude. Aside from our mutual girl, we have quite a lot in common. It was nice to talk to him. This is the kind of relationship my mono friends really don’t understand.

“So,” one of them might ask, “you just hung around and drank some beers with your girlfriend’s other boyfriend?”


We stayed out til nearly midnight, I accidentally shorted the pot by a couple dollars, which I apologized profusely for. I thought I had an extra $10 but I had given to my son earlier. Whoops. But everyone covered me and I felt far guiltier about it than they were put off by it. Still, being That Guy really bothers me. I’ll just have to buy a round next time to make up for it. I got to talk some more to Cute cute giant crush, then a fiesty and overt girl whose mind was blown that I am seeing so many people.

“How can you have so many girlfriends, Man Whore?” she asked me. “I know I am expensive! What if I sent you out to Trader Joe’s to get me my organic groceries?”

“That wouldn’t happen,” I said. “I am not going to buy you groceries. I’ll go shopping with you. But I am not your personal shopper.”

“But,” she protested, “I would be at home in my corset and 8″ heels, ready to make a meal for you.” Batting eyelashes.

“That’s the perfect outfit for grocery shopping. Let’s go.” Giggle.

What a weekend. Only four more nights until Friday!

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