Just a little fantasizing…

I grab a handful of your hair, pulling your head back, my breath in your ear, my other hand at your throat, feeling you arch back into me. I love it when I scrape your back with my fingers and your eyes close… Your lips open… I can feel your body pleading to me for pleasure, for release…
It’s not time for that, yet. Now, it is time to light your flesh on fire, to make you ache with yearning.
When you are breathing hard and I haven’t even begun to pleasure you. Your legs are already trembling, and I haven’t gotten below your shoulder blades. But every touch, each caress, inches lower and lower, and you are drenched. I want to taste your breath. I want to feel you on my lips.
I could keep this going for days, teasing you, exciting you.
You want to beg me to touch you, touch you at all, knowing that just a brush of my fingers, just a touch, will make you explode. But you don’t… You just feel the lust pounding in you. I leave a trail of goosebumps everywhere my fingers visit you. You can’t catch your breath.
Our bodies are still pressed up against each other. You can feel how hard I am through my clothes, feel me pressing into your hips. I trace my fingers down your spine, then over and across your exquisite body, and gently, slowly, working my way around the front of your hips…
I’ll guide your feet shoulder-width apart, so that I’ll be able to reach you when it’s time. But it isn’t time yet. You’re dripping, your entire body is on fire, almost in pain with desire, but it isn’t time yet.
I love that you want me so badly you are dripping. That you crave me so strongly you can barely breathe. That you can taste my desire for you. But now, you still have me at your back.
My right hand traces from your hips back up your body, stopping at your breasts to trace their luscious and superb outlines…
And then lightly across your collarbone…
And then tight and hard around your neck while I plunge my left hand between your legs and you cum so hard I am straining to hold you upright.
I have to have you. I need you. I am throbbing with very thought of you right now. Then, only then, can I bent you over and slide into you and take you, filling you up, making you feel how badly I want you, how desperately I need you.

One thought on “Just a little fantasizing…

  1. demuzzled says:

    WOW…the visuals and the wording…breathy and tantalizing!

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