Weekend Update – Part 1, Friday

Friday night, the local under-40 poly group regulars were having a movie night. We’d talked about this at one of the mingles a couple months earlier. I planted the seed for this mini-event and incepted it into Cute City Girl’s mind in order to spend some time seducing other Cute City Girl. But the more I talked to CCG#2, the more I realized I enjoy her company and I would like to be her friend, but I don’t think we are super compatible. Not enough, anyway, to justify altering my schedule. I know how that sounds. I guess I’m a dick. I just think I’m practical and realistic. She sure is cute, though, even though I don’t especially want to date her.

After work on Friday, I went home and spent some time with my family. I was considering not going at all at that point. I felt some weird social depression creeping up on me. See, I don’t really get social anxiety. I don’t have anxiety-driven panicky attacks where my chest tightens up and I start to freak out or can’t breathe or anything angsty like that. Rather, when I get antisocial attacks, I get into a quiet, morose depressed state. I also generally dislike bars and clubs. Throngs of strangers and big, loud walls of noise are weak points for me. I don’t handle them very well.

I arrived at the bar to meet both CCGs and a few of the poly guys. CCG#1 had a super cute blonde friend come join us, but I was already feeling the social downness, and I didn’t really even talk to her. Plus, the young poly men had their cute girl radars locked in on her and I definitely wasn’t in a state to split attention with young, horny dudes for some girl I don’t know. Plus, my girlfriend Lace, her husband, a boy she liked but was still screening, and his wife, were all meeting me there at the bar, too. When they came on over, the two groups did not co-mingle very well, and I was left with that social depressed, awkward feeling. I had to head outside.

I was so glad that Girlfriend Lace came out with me. I was cooling down and calming down, my personality was returning. We stayed outside for a while, talking and touching, and eventually the rest of our group came out. With just the five of us, I started to enjoy myself. Then it was showtime.

By this time, a touch before 10pm, I knew I was not going to the movie. It was hella sold out. And ordinarily, a crowded movie theater doesn’t bother me, but on this particular night with my particular mood, I knew that being surrounded by a crowd of strangers and sitting next to a girl I no longer wanted to seduce was not going to be fun for me. I was about to leave and head home but Lace gave me the cutest drunk pouty face and convinced me to stay. We hopped across the street to a different, quieter bar, and I stole a chair from an empty table to be the in-aisle fire hazard at the little four-top booth.

At close to precisely the stroke of midnight, Lace and her husband and Boy and his wife suddenly decided it was time to split up and go home. I was not ready to leave anymore! I was warmed up, happy, and having a great time! But if they were off, they were off, so I got up to return the chair to the table on my way out with them. As it turned out, that once-empty table was now occupied by four extremely attractive ladies. I started talking to them and after my friends left, they started buying me drinks. They pleaded with me to come with them when they relocated. I wasn’t trying to pick anyone up; I don’t do one night stands, I don’t date mono girls, and I don’t do conversions or training. That didn’t stop the rest of the night from being charged with sexual energy and fun flirting and drinks and dancing, though.

I ended up hanging out with these girls until a bit after 4am, when, tired and content and having made some new friends, I headed back home for some sleep. After all, a fantastic Saturday was waiting for me! But that’s a story for another time…

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