Angry unicorn hunters

I was at a big poly party on Sunday. I have lots of thoughts about it, but I am going to share this one right now. I met a couple at a previous event who I really liked. The hubbie was fun and seemed like a pretty decent guy, and his extremely cute blonde wife was extremely cute.

Last time we met, I found out they were just starting on opening up and were looking for a mythical Hot Bi Babe to date the pair of them. As I understood it, his dating a woman by himself is allowed if she didn’t take a shine to his wife, but he was not cool with her dating man.

She and I had decent chemistry and I thought she was fun to talk to. I am always respectful of boundaries so I wasn’t making any moves, but we were being a little flirty and she seemed to enjoy talking to me as much as I was enjoying talking to her. We got to talking about pets and it turns out we both have Guinea pigs. She asked if mine were little angry monsters like hers was, but, no, Peter Pettigrew, Hermione, and Golden Snitch (my daughter named all of them) are snuggley and gentle and nice. Her pig, on the other hand, is a little bastard. He chomped on her and bit her chest! She slid down the neckline of her shirt to show me on the side of her (quite lovely, if I’m honest) breast where he bit her.

“That looks painful!” I said. Then with my patented smoulder, “Does that bite go any lower?”

She grinned and blushed, but the husband immediately interjected with an angry and rather threatened, “NO!”

She gave him the look from the side of her eyes and then rolled them skyward to look back at me. The flirting continued but the momentum was dead. The husband seemed rather put off and edgy about our whole talk.

After they left, I had a discussion with my friends about poly lockdown. He is looking for another girl. She is not allowed to have another boy. He is looking for another girl. She is not allowed to have a girl who he doesn’t get. It’s just a paradigm that I don’t understand. Everyone has their own thing, and I’m not trying to sound like I am knocking it. Whatever works for them is good for me.

Still, I would have liked to see some more of that bust line. It’s a shame it’s off-limits.

One thought on “Angry unicorn hunters

  1. robert919 says:

    Wow. I just found your blog and this one just knocked my socks off. I am not very new to poly, but newer than some others. And this guy’s blatant misogyny just shocks me. I guess I figured if people were open-minded enough to be poly, that things like racism, homophobia and sexism would be next-to-nonexistent. Guess I was wrong.

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