Being let down easy

A couple of months ago at a poly mingle, I met a charming girl, one third of a triad.  We exchanged emails as I was leaving the event and I left smiling. Got an email address from a cute girl. Score.
Two quickie emails back and forth, nothing ever came of it. Oh well, but no big deal. I’m sure I’ll see her at some other events and if something clicks, awesome. If not, well, I still had a great time chatting with a cute girl.
At a Big Event a few weeks ago, I saw the whole triad again. They’re great people. I like them a lot. The girlfriend is willowy and attractive and very Oregonian. The hubbie is funny, I’d be buddies with him. And, of course, charming girl is charming.
We talked a bit at the Big Event, had fun, and then were not near each other for much of the rest of the party. In the interim, I think she had had a reasonable amount to drink, and she took me aside and put her hands on my shoulders.
“Oh, Poly Man Whore,” she said, “you are… you are wonderful. You are so terrific.”
“I know,” I said. I was recently described as, “maddeningly confident.” I think this demonstrates what that girl was talking about.
“You are so great,” she told me. “You are so handsome,” she said and put her hand on my cheek. “You’re funny and you’re smart and you’re amazing. You are great and you’re so, so lucky.”
“Well, I really appreciate–” She interrupted me.
“But I’m in this poly-fi situation…” Click! I see what she is doing now.
She was letting me down easy! While I most certainly appreciate all of the compliments, which I know are all totally and completely genuine, she didn’t need to do that.
I liked all three of them but she caught my attention. I saw her as a very attractive, witty, sharp, bright, cute girl, who I enjoyed talking to very much. She doesn’t need to apologize for her situation or that she is fidelitous to her husband and her sweetie.
I am certainly not pushy or expectant. I took an interest in her – that put her under absolutely no obligation to sleep with me! Why did she have to ramp up in order to come back down? Is it just because men are idiots?
I like straight talk. I don’t need to be all buttered up to protect my ego if there is some sort of negativity coming my way. Yeah. Men are idiots. I’m going with that.

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