In which I provide a brief thought about dating

Dating is pretty great. It can get expensive sometimes, I admit, but all in all, it really is terrific fun.

I have seen an awful lot of movies lately. Unfortunately, none of them have really impressed me. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was great, but Mission Impossible 4, The Woman in Black, Sherlock Holmes 2, Safe House all deserved a solid, “Meh.”

I’ve been to some crappy restaurants and I have added a few pretty great ones to my catalog. I think I have several confused servers at some of my new regular spots, since I am often in different company. Most of my girls are reasonably adventurous when it comes to food, so we get to experiment a lot.

I have been drinking rather more lately than I did before all of this dating. But I have some regular drinks now, and I really didn’t have any hard drinks I could call my favorites before I started dating again.

Going out is fun, but so is staying in.

As for TV, mostly I’ve been doing the sharing of my own favorite shows. I haven’t seen much the girls loved that I haven’t seen, but this really is of no surprise – I don’t watch shitty television.

And I’ve learned that bringing a date to a poly event is a great way to get more dates, of which, quite clearly, I am in need!

Most of all, though, I have been reminded that the activities stand apart from the focus of the date, which is conversation and together time and getting to know each other. So planning a great date is, well, great, but even my trademark last minute seat-of-the-pants dates are still brilliant because I share them with such extraordinary partners. I’m lucky to have them all.

Happy dating!

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