One of my horrible dreams

I don’t know how much if it was a dream vs being half asleep and confused..
In my dream I woke up at 3:48 am. I didn’t sit up but I looked around and didn’t know exactly where i was. I knew I was somewhere safe, somewhere I was meant to be, but didnt know where, exactly. I was in some bed, not sure in my mind whether it was my bed or not. There was a woman laying next to me, on her side, facing me.
Looking at her, I couldn’t work out exactly who she was. I knew her. She was someone important to me, but who? Who was it? What’s her name? Oh, it’s… uh. Holy crap I can’t tell. I knew I needed to remember who she was… girlfriend? Wife? Definitely not a stranger. Damn, this really makes me shitty, I thought. I am in bed with her but I can’t remember her. What the hell is her name?
Then, click – yes! Wife! She was my wife. I had to talk to her but her name just wouldn’t come. I started to panic. What was her name? And then she opens her eyes and just shakes her head at me. Then I blurt out her name and snap myself awake. Heart pounding, sweating, like awaking from a nightmare, which, I suppose, it was.


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