January Karaoke

Karaoke was a blast last night. There were two distinct groups at our poly karaoke, I’ll call them the Flora and the Fauna.
I didn’t know anyone from the Flora group. There was a lovely little English thing, Ivy, who had been in the country for less than two weeks. Something about her was eerily familiar… But anyway, her boyfriend Thistle was a great guy. Big, fuzzy bear, very friendly. Glad to have met the both of them. There was Cholla, who was very enthusiastic and seemed nice enough, then Willow, who gave me a flighty and busy-bodied yet probably well-meaning lecture on taking pictures at poly events, and Datura, who seemed bright and genuine, but a little forcibly alternative. Good people, most of them, and I am always glad to meet new people who are interesting or passionate or otherwise engaging.
Then in my group, we had girlfriend Kudu and her boyfriend Hyrax, girlfriend Meerkat, new crush girl I am seeing next week Serval, female friend Mandrill, and other female friend Civet. It was nice when the flora and the fauna mingled – like I said, I liked a few of the flora and I hope to see those folks again.
What I really liked, though, was that I really felt like the hub of this constellation. I have a connection to all of them, rather than being an offshoot of someone else’s group. I got to be touchy and snuggly with both the girlfriends, jokey and flirty with the other girls… If anyone was really jealous about the center of attention shifting around, nobody said anything. It’s nice that everyone plays nice with each other. I really get along well with Hyrax (Kudu’s other boyfriend, remember?), Kudu and Meerkat get along well, Kudu and Meerkat get along well with my wife… It’s a nice big family all around.
I still wonder about the group who shows up early, leaves early, and never sings anything. They mostly keep to themselves, the 3 or 4 of them… But there they are at every karaoke night. As long as they’re having fun… Anyway, we sang a lot. It was only slightly rowdy, and once more people started coming in it picked up – until about 8pm, it was… quiet. Low-key. Boring, even. But that guy taking pictures of people on stage singing karaoke in a public place… I’d watch out for him if I were you.

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