A poly multi date

Last night I had a great and very poly evening. My wife was out with her boyfriend, and my girlfriend Maple came over to hang out with me and my daughter. During the evening, girlfriend Redwood called to see if we wanted to have dinner with her, one of their kids, husband Fir and his girlfriend Birch (not “bitch”). Naturally, we did!

Aside from my being a lefty sitting between two righties at a tight chain restaurant dinner table, it was really wonderful, sitting between my girls. It was lovey and warm and very nice.

Of course, on the ride home, I did have to verbally map out the constellation for her to describe how everyone there was connected, plus all of the exes we were talking about. Without a whiteboard, some of our constellations are somewhat difficult to keep together.

Anyway, after dinner, we went back to Redwood and Fir’s house and played some Bananagrams and had a great time. It’s nice to have girls who play nice together, and I love when my families of choice can overlap.

Did I mention I am a very lucky guy?

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