A real couple?

I was at a poly event with girlfriend Glasgow, later joined by girlfriend London and her boyfriend Cardiff. I am fairly touchy and PDAish, and Glasgow and I were in physical contact with each other before London and Cardiff arrived. When they did, London and I embraced, had some good kissing (PDA but not inappropriate) and then she and Cardiff sat down across the table from Glasgow and me.

Later on in the evening, a guy attending the event solo was looking back and forth between London and Glasgow and me. I sensed questions were at hand.

“Are you… with her?” He indicated Glasgow.

“Yes, she is my girlfriend,” I answered with a smile.

“Wait, then who is that?” He was asking about London.

“My other girlfriend,” I replied.

“But isn’t she with him?” He nodded toward Cardiff. This guy was with our group, right?

“Yes,” I said.

“Well are they a real couple?” he asked.


“A real couple. I mean are they together? Are they married?” He asked.

“They are a couple. They are together. They are married, but not to each other.”

“Oh. Well you and her,” again nodding toward Glasgow, “are you a real couple?”

“You keep saying that. We are a couple, too,” I said.

“Are you two married?”

“Again,” I said, “yes. But not to each other. My wife is at home. Her husband is at home.”

“Together?” he asked.

“No, not together. Each at our own homes,” I answered.

I learned that he was in a prototypical couple adding more model and was not at all comfortable with the idea of mostly single poly folk, and was having a hard time grasping any concept except the FFM triad.

“And those two,” he pointed at Magenta and her beau Onyx. “Are they a real couple?”

“Dude, you really have to stop saying that.”

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