I’m not the wife!

My wife (Wifey) was out with her boyfriend (Hockey) on Saturday. They decided to do something nice for his wife (Bunny) and took Bunny’s car to get its oil changed. Wifey and Hockey were snuggled up in the chairs in the waiting room, laughing and holding hands. As usual, the croney at the Lubie Lube tried to upsell them on everything.
“Well, we recommend that you change your cabin air filter, and with winter coming you should get your coolant flushed. We have a power flush service for four thousand dollars,” he said.
“I usually leave those decisions up to my wife,” said Hockey. The Lubie Luber looked at Wifey expectantly.
“Don’t look at me,” Wifey said, still holding his hand. “I’m not his wife.”
Every head in the waiting room turned to look. The Luber’s eyes went wide and he stammered something about being sorry and went back to the Luber Pit.

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